1. "Driving from the movie"

  2. joshuarobertlong:

    "WAKE UP CALLING", the debut track from my 3rd album, BLUE TELEPHONE, which is a music & spoken word collaboration with my dear friend Mr. Corey Green. Enjoy.

  3. "Mother Father" - from upcoming spoken word/musical collaboration with Corey Green

  4. "Old socks" -  words from BLUE TELEPHONE, an upcoming music & spoken word album by Joshua Robert Long & Corey Green

  5. "How to three Thanksgivings and a bowl of fowls"

  6. "First Mondays Last Fridays Etc" | the lyrics/poem from the track of the same name from the forthcoming album BLUE TELEPHONE by Joshua Robert Long & Corey Green.


  7. "I don’t know who I am anymore. Between fifty hours and two times six on the road on top of it, maybe I’m Neglect, or his cousin. The one who always brings the burnt pasta. Maybe they see that as I sit down at the table and the bread is broken. Maybe it was already broken because I’m always late. Whatever it is or whoever I am, I get close to getting it back, and then the pulls and the pills just take it away. But the roar, the roar is there, even behind closed doors. Even when the faces at the table talk through me, or move to other walls to hide behind their sins or their masturbations of betterment."
    — Joshua Robert Long / from “Doorway Sofa Waltz”, from the upcoming music/spoken word collaboration with Corey Green, BLUE TELEPHONE.
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    "Brown on Blue" // From When Johnny Met Pharmacy, a free ebook available for download RIGHT HERE

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    WHEN JOHNNY MET PHARMACY, a free collection of poems, is now available for digital download. PUSH YOUR LITTLE MOUSE BUTTON RIGHT HERE TO DOWNLOAD

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    From When Johnny Met Pharmacy, a thirty-five page collection of poems, this was posted for the guy in Chile who seemed to enjoy it so much. You can download your own copy of WJMP for free, RIGHT HERE